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Aminoton is a high-nitrogen content natural organic fertilizer derived from natural sources of peptides and amino acids. Its high nitrogen and protein carbon description provides significant nutritional properties for both soil microorganisms and cultivated plants.

Effectiveness: The productivity of plants and the agricultural yield of the soil depend on the biological condition of the soil and the health and activity of soil microorganisms. Thus, the absorption of nutrients by plants is a direct and remarkable result of the active teluric microflora, which is responsible for biochemical processes.

The presence of abundant live biomass in the soil ensures continuous and high fertility. The application of nitrogen and carbon-rich hydrolyzed protein products like Aminoton in proximity to plant roots provides a readily assimilated and balanced supply of essential nutrients, which accelerates biochemical processes and contributes to higher yields. The benefits include the direct influence on the growth and activity of microorganisms, better absorption of nutrients by plants, and consistent nutrient release, resulting in increased productivity.

Compatibility: Aminoton can be used in combination with most soil fertilizers and common plant protection products.

Attention: Aminoton should not be mixed with solid crystalline chemicals, mineral oils, calcium, sulfur, polysulfides, or chemical mixtures containing mercury. The product remains stable between temperatures of +5°C to +35°C. Store it in a well-ventilated, cool, dry place, away from sources of heat and direct sunlight, as it is flammable.

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